August Patapuss Pleasure Party

A Patapuss Pleasure Party provides a superb chance to enhance your pleasure and enjoy sensuality. Your very own Patapuss Pleasure Party during August will provide an ideal opportunity to enjoy our array of pampering, playful or passionate products more intimately. An experienced Patapuss Pleasure Party representative will show you an extensive choice of fine quality exciting feminine pleasure products that are particularly chosen to suit the specific mood of you and your invited friends.

Our free Hostess Gift for August is a generously sized 286ml Passion Fruit Punch Body Glide, a sleek and flavoursome lubricant from the Wet Fruit Flavours range. As well as a cash discount option from your own Patapuss Pleasure Party order, other awards for a Hostess during August include a selection from our range. These can allow you to pamper yourself with alluring lingerie, enjoy playful and decorative body shimmers that enhance your natural sparkle, or experience sexy passionate feminine adult toys to complement your fantasies and fun.

It is recommended that you allow at least three hours and have about eight friends for the most entertaining experience. This will allow plenty of time to inspect the products, ask questions, play some fun filled games and enjoy lots of laughter. So they are prepared, just remind your guests before the party that it is preferred that they pay on the night. Cash is an easy option but of course convenient instant credit card facilities are available for guests with a Visacard or Mastercard.

Some of our products may be available at special prices in addition to the range of pleasuring hostess gifts and prizes on offer. It is so easy to arrange your own party experience where you can sample the lotions, feel the materials, press the buttons and enjoy the intimacy, all while in the pleasant company of your own female friends. Do you desire a sensual experience that is Pampering, Playful or Passionate? Arrange Your Patapuss Pleasure Party Now!

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