Booty Parlor Chocolate Skin Honey

Booty Parlor Chocolate Skin Honey awaits you! After the success of the Kissaholic lip gloss, we decided it was a prudent idea to investigate what other delights were available in the luxurious Booty Parlor collection. Almost immediately we noticed this luxurious looking exotic skin honey massage oil. Their skin honey massage oil assortment does come in three extra varieties which will be covered in future reviews, being pomegranate, strawberry and vanilla, but naturally the conspicuous one we knew that we just had to sample first of all was Chocolate. And Chocolate it was!

Despite seeming to be ever so slightly viscous as it oozed easily out of the elegantly petite bottle, Booty Parlor Chocolate Skin Honey was soaked quite swiftly and sleekly into the skin without any feeling of greasiness. As a general indication, the time it takes for a water based style massage oil lubricant to be absorbed into the skin is a portent of it being of a higher quality. The reason for this occurring more swiftly is due to the ultra fine size of the minute molecules of oil within the formulation. Despite the rapid absorption rate a velvety patina lingered, and the skin was left soft with no hint of dryness. Booty Parlor Chocolate Skin Honey lotion also left our skin silky and faintly scented with very little stickiness at all in the residue. The deliciously delicate sweet chocolate fragrance and flavour were both redolent of the usually expensive ultra top end quality chocolates in comparison to the common supermarket cheap varieties. We concurred four was a fair rating for this luscious lubricating massage lotion. Booty Parlor Chocolate Skin Honey is an exotic cocktail of moisturising honey extracts that have been most sucessfully infused with its unique chocolate ambrosia. This makes it a perfect addition to any collection of lotions devoted to pampering pleasure.

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