Caramel WarmUp Massage Oil

Caramel WarmUp Massage Oil is from the reasonably new WarmUp range by Joydivision in Germany. This is a rich edible oil which is slightly sticky at first but still very pleasurable to use. It has a deliciously distinct toffee caramel flavour and fragrance that is not overly cloying despite being deliciously sweet. It does not absorb as quickly as many other massage oils but the taste and unusual sensation more than balances out any tackiness, and the clinging caramel scent remains fresh and inviting.

Warming massage oils usually are usually slightly tackier than those that do not provide this extra sensual sensation. Their scent also seems to linger longer. The decadent toffee aroma of Caramel WarmUp Massage Oil is released by the rising temperature of this luscious massage liquid as its gentle heating effect becomes more noticeable. Its rich amber hue dissolves into translucency as it is deliciously massaged into the skin, so there is no concern about staining. Caramel WarmUp Massage Oil can be easily and generously poured from its 150ml sturdy plastic bottle that comes in a slightly curved shape for ease of holding. We were able to easily score this flavoursome  oil with a solid four out of five and are keen to try some more offerings from the WarmUp range.

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