Luxury Orange Massage Oil

Now this is something a bit different! But certainly very good! When I first saw a photograph of this luxurious Femme Fatale Orange Massage Oil, I thought the bottle was only half full, but in fact there are two different oils inside of varying viscosity! When the bottle is tilted they combine together to provide a non greasy yet ultra sleek lotion that is very pleasurable to use indeed. The fragrant citrus aroma was very apparent. Although this orange massage oil is not a flavoured ‘edible’ oil as such, the taste was quite acceptable.

In fact, our only complaint was that the hole through which the oil emerges from the rather elegant looking bottle is quite small so it does not seem to decant fast enough. Being glass, the bottle does not allow for squeezing to force extra out either. Then again we did manage to obtain an ample amount to keep us happy pampering each other at the time, so we could still give this lotion a justifiably reasonable rating. The fresh orange aroma delicately lingers on the skin for a while after use, leaving a pure citrus tang that is invigoratingly refreshing. With our definite score of four, We definitely shall be using this unique Luxury Orange Massage Oil from the Femme Fatale range again!

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