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Highest Rated Credit Card Security

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Credit card safety is one of the most worrying issues facing credit card users, especially when buying goods over the internet. Patapuss has balanced the ease of online purchases with guaranteed payment security.

Credit card and identity theft can often be traced to data being compromised when permanently stored in databases, on online networks and other forms of internet accessible appliances and systems.

The fact that highly sensitive and private credit card data and personal identity information is permanently stored by many online shopping cart software programs can be the main cause of vulnerability and risk.

e-Path secure payment gateway

No information with financial implications is held by Patapuss. All payments are processed through the e-Path secure payment gateway that does not permanently store credit card data, does not permanently store transaction details and does not permanently store personal identity information.

If data does not exist it can not be stolen, thus terminating credit card vulnerability.

A payment gateway has been established by e-Path that provides a level of security and protection for card holders that is exemplary within the payment gateway industry, allowing electronic commerce security where sensitive data is never permanently stored online.

Most real time online credit card payment processing systems and online shopping cart websites permanently store credit card details such as account number, name, card expiry date etc.

Credit card fraud can not occur without credit card details being stolen in the first place, so it is imperative that sensitive data is removed from being permanently stored on the open internet or on internet connected systems and databases.

e-Path does not conduct credit card transactions for Patapuss online in real time as they are not a payment processor, but instead they provide a safe conduit between us and your financial institution.

e-Path uses powerful 2,048 bit encryption

Ensuring your credit card data is only temporarily with us and then destroyed so it no longer exists, is what e-Path achieves by using their innovative Critical Data Unplugged system that exclusively utilises a datacentre and telecommunications carrier with Defence Signals Directorate Gateway Certification.

This security certification assures that the datacentre gateway provides protection from external threats appropriate for systems and data up to and including the ‘Highly Protected’ level of classification, a prerequisite to providing secure gateway services to Commonwealth Agencies such as ASIO and the Department of Defence.

e-Path uses powerful 2,048 bit encryption to safeguard any payment data entered by you. This patented algorithm is recognised by Visa, Master Card, American Express and Diners Club as an approved encryption type.

Extreme protection for data

Asymmetric cryptography that uses different keys is used by e-Path, to afford extreme protection for data during the transmission stage between a cardholder and the official bank approved merchant account owner.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Security protocol for internet communications is a mechanism to verify the identity of an internet client and server, and encrypt messages sent between them, so providing authentication and confidentiality for web services.

All e-Path communication is further protected by recognised world leader THAWTE SSL.

You can Shop in Comfort and Buy with Safety from Patapuss!

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