Inttimo Tranquility Massage Oil

Inttimo Tranquility Massage Oil is another alluring fragrance from the Wet Inttimo range of luxurious aromatherapy oils, being a captivating liaison of fresh ginger and bergamot. And just what is bergamot?! Bergamot is a species of orange. We did not realise this at the time, but we did find the refreshingly zesty citrus aroma quite bewitching. The last lotion we tried was also citrus fragranced, but we had expected that at the time. The Inttimo orange aroma was deliciously evident and comfortable in its familiarity. The ginger added a hint of tangy spice without drowning out the citrus freshness. The natural oils are exquisitely silky and soaked smoothly into the skin without any greasy aftermath, just leaving this delicate scent lingering on my skin for some time after. Inttimo Tranquility Massage Oil is definitely a pampering oil! This sunflower yellow lotion imbues the skin with a soft scent that gives the impression of citrus without it being too sharply evident. The graceful bottle decants the oil swiftly and generously as the formulation is not a thick gel style.

In aromatherapy usage, the combination of fresh and sweet orange citrus with the spicy warm, and radiance of ginger results in a harmonious delight. This particular fusion is distinctly unique in character and is regarded one of the best energising pairs in aromatherapy applications. Bergamot provides a familiar fragrance of freshly cut orange, while the added ginger wafts a redolent warm and spicy aroma. When orange and ginger are blended they become a bouquet of beauty and wellness, so these oils work really well in unison therapeutically. Calming orange is recommended for anxiety and depression plus it is highly beneficial in skin care and beauty treatments. Ginger is revered as a universal medicine and renowned for its healing properties. The warmth of ginger oil makes it ideal for a soothing minor aches and pains plus it can help improve circulation. This relaxing Wet Inttimo Tranquility Massage Oil was considered deserving of a score of four!

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