Kissaholic Lip Gloss Sigh Mauve

Kissaholic Lip Gloss Sigh was something new to investigate! Recently we have been kept quite pleasurably busy enjoying an extended assortment from our various luxurious massage lotions, but I thought it was time to surprise hubby with a new and different kind of pampering. I had seen the Kissaholic Plumping Lip Gloss range by Booty Parlor so resolved to try it. In fact this was an adventurous decision for me as I do not generally bother to wear very much in the way of make up, although a pretty lip gloss certainly can brighten the expression.

Therefore Kissaholic Lip Gloss Sigh was my first choice, being the softest shade in the range of six colours available from Booty Parlor. It is described as a nude mauve, although I would classify it more of a pastel pink. Being so gentle, this hue only just showed on my lips but it definitely did have a delicate sheen that was accompanied by an invigorating mint feel and flavour that hubby did not object to checking for quality! It also had a faint tingle initially, apparently produced by the fresh chili fruit and ginger root extract formulation that is utilised in the Kissaholic range to increase lip volume for a more seductively sultry appearance. I did not end up with a voluptuous pout as extreme as that of Angelina Jolie fame but it did seem provide a slight more fullness than usual and the tingling mint taste hovered pleasantly. I did observe when enjoying a refreshing glass of wine later, that although there had been a subdued stickiness to the lip gloss, it was not smeared on my glass rim as expected. Instead any residue left by hubby was still adhering nicely to my lips. Hubby insisted on making several playful reassessments of the quality of Kissaholic Lip Gloss Sigh before he was able to settle on a score of four out of five. Later we much check whether there is any difference between the available shades!

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