May Patapuss Pleasure Party

Do you feel like something Pampering, Playful or Passionate? Your Patapuss Pleasure Party during the month of May is just what you need! Would you like to experience our products more intimately? Patapuss has experienced consultants who bring an extensive range of high quality exciting feminine pleasure products that are the exclusively chosen to suit the mood of you and your invited guests. Some products will be available at special prices plus there are many generous hostess gifts and prizes.

Our free Hostess Gift for the month of May is delectable Caramel flavoured WarmUp massage oil, which has recently been reviewed. As well as a cash discount option from your own order, other awards for a Hostess during May include a selection from our range of pampering sensuous lotions, playful erotic lingerie and passionate adult feminine toys. And everyone has a great time!

It is best to allow two hours and have between six to twelve friends for the most enjoyable experience. This provides plenty of time to examine the products, ask questions, play some games and have lots of fun. Remind your guests before the party that they will need to pay on the night so that they are prepared. Cash is best but of course convenient credit card facilities are available for those with a Visacard or Mastercard. Goods will be delivered as soon as all payments have been received.

A Patapuss Pleasure Party is an ideal chance to enhance your pleasure and experience sensuality. It is simple to arrange your own choice of party where you can sample the lotions, feel the materials, press the buttons and enjoy the intimacy, while in the pleasant company of your own female friends. Arrange Your Party Now!

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