Motion Lotion Wild Cherry

We decided to try Motion Lotion Wild Cherry Warming Lubricating Massage Oil from Doc Johnson. The first glistening drop from the bottle was reminiscent of an exotic red ruby. The application of this oil was just as exotic. Despite Motion Lotion Wild Cherry initially pouring from the flip top spout with a bright red playful glow, it swiftly transformed into a transparent lotion as it was soothed into the skin, so there was no concern about staining. The fresh cherry fragrance and flavour encompassed a faint undertone of maraschino but this was not unduly obvious, with the ambience of fresh cherry fruit prevailing.

As the colour gently faded away, a glowing gentle heat took its place. Even after Motion Lotion Wild Cherry was delightfully massaged into the skin, a gentle breath would reawaken its delicate warmth. As seems to be the case with many flavoured oils, the skin seemed to want to just soak it in, leaving only the faintest pampering patina of scented softness as a reminder of its pleasant application. A slight amount of viscosity is generally the sign of most warming oils, plus the way they gently bead when blown upon while still moist on the skin. Despite that viscosity there was no lingering stickiness to cloud the moment. There was just that scent and softness and a desire to use it again! We just had to give this aromatic oil five out of five and look forward to trying even more from the Motion Lotion range.

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