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Caramel WarmUp Massage Oil

Caramel WarmUp Massage Oil is from the reasonably new WarmUp range by Joydivision in Germany. This is a rich edible oil which is slightly sticky at first but still very pleasurable to use. It has a deliciously distinct toffee caramel flavour and frag...

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Booty Parlor Chocolate Skin Honey

Booty Parlor Chocolate Skin Honey awaits you! After the success of the Kissaholic lip gloss, we decided it was a prudent idea to investigate what other delights were available in the luxurious Booty Parlor collection. Almost immediately we noticed th...

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Luxury Orange Massage Oil

Now this is something a bit different! But certainly very good! When I first saw a photograph of this luxurious Femme Fatale Orange Massage Oil, I thought the bottle was only half full, but in fact there are two different oils inside of varying visco...

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Inttimo Romance Massage Oil

Wet Inttimo Romance Massage Oil is the latest pampering massage oil we have had the pleasure to enjoy. This lusciously soft golden yellow emollient is presented in an elegantly tapered bottle. An alluring fusion of cedarwood and patchouli, the aromat...

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Pina Colada Warming Booby Oil

Having tried one sensuous massage oil with a very pleasing result, we were encouraged to sample yet another. This time we opted for Hot Hooters Pina Colada Warming Booby Oil. Well, talk about something different and talk about impressed! The consiste...

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Mantra Musk Massage Oil

It was time to further investigate our new sensual world. We were tempted to try a luxurious massage and bath oil, attracted by its elegant genie shaped bottle, and wondering just what magic smouldered within. The one we selected was Mantra Musk Mass...

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